Company Overview

True Beauty was founded in Abu Dhabi – UAE by Dr. Khazar Al Dib General Manager who is a Pharmacist & a Business Entrepreneur, with the strategic objectives of providing better and efficient service to the core markets in GCC and MENA region. Namely the markets in the UAE, Jordan .

During the first phase of consolidation and growth, the company focused on high quality cosmetics and skincare distribution for multi-national companies and in the process successfully set up a major sales points in the region. This network provided the foundations for the company’s future growth and success in the emerging markets. The company today is part of a group network having a sister entity in Jordan with chain of 5 pharmacies.

True Beauty products are extremely popular in their current markets, and the company is now looking to further expand its customer base throughout the region.

The company also took over the exclusive distribution licenses of many great products in UAE and Jordan. It was also during this phase that the company saw its distribution set-up grow substantially.

The existing distribution network was strengthened by the inclusion of new markets and territories in such a mode that it covered various countries in the region. The most prominent among them being UAE and Jordan.

The Company specializes in both retail & distribution of its exclusive agency products which can be categorized as follows:

  • Medical
  • Cosmo-Medical
  • Natural & Longevity Products
  • Cosmetical Products